Saturday, February 23, 2013

Change of Pace

I probably should have put up a post like this months ago, whoops! Sorry to everybody who has found me on Facebook, sent me emails, or left comments checking in on me!

I am ok. I'm still alive. I still cook.
I just don't share it. I'm not cooking the same as I once was. I lost about 16 pounds over the summer/fall of 2012 and want to keep that weight off.
I cook boring, healthier foods. I repeat the same meals. A lot.
I got out of the habit of photographing my food and posting it. It's hard to go back to that. I've tried.

Dinner at Christina's will always be here because it was such a huge part of my life for years. I met so many awesome people through this site, many that I'm still friends with. I also access my own recipes  and I want this here for others to stumble upon and find my food and try it themselves, too!

My current blogging project is over at A Year of Sunsets.
Moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina has been a wonderful and beautiful experience. We live less than a mile from the Albemarle Sound and I can see the sunsets through the trees, out of my office window.

I realized I wasn't appreciating or taking full advantage of that beauty, so my 2013 goal is to capture daily sunset photos. Not only that, but I have committed to riding my bike to capture these photos, so I will also get some exercise snuck in.

I'd love if you still follow and keep in touch with me, both here and there!

Thank you so much, and again sorry that this post is so long overdue!

Christina :)