Wedding Planning

Johnny proposed on December 25, 2010 and I happily said yes!

A few readers have expressed interest in the wedding plans as they've advanced, so I thought I'd put together this page for you to follow along.

Don't worry - Johnny only comes to the blog if I tell him to, and even then I'll make sure he knows to stay away from this tab!

The wedding date is December 19, 2011. It's a Monday. Odd I know, but we had our reasons, plus I've been scoring some killer discounts because it's not a weekend! 

The ring: An emerald with princess cut diamonds in a white gold setting.

The venue: Bear Mountain State Park in upstate New York. Our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception are all going to be held in the merry-go-round pavilion. We will be married in front of the fireplace, then the festivities will continue in the open space and around the carousel.


The cake: which is included in the venue! They work hand in hand with a local bakery that has a whole selection of cakes to choose from. This is the one I've fallen in love with, but I would do green ribbons in place of the red. 


The dress: An Oleg Cassini ballgown from David's Bridal. At first I was against going to David's Bridal, so we went to a handful of boutiques. I found them stuffy, with limited selections and outrageous prices. This was about the 15th dress I tried on and right away I knew it was the one- I didn't want to take it off!

The shoes: Again, the heels are from David's Bridal. I went back and forth on a bunch of shoes. I just could not decide. Eventually I realized I wanted to: a) have a cute little touch and b) the ability to try them on in person. These fit the bill, were the color I loved, and cheaper than all my other likes!

The Vans are to change into for the reception so I'm comfortable as I dance the night away!

The photographer:

The DJ:

The Reverand:

I think that's everything for now! I still have a few things to decide on, but the rest will be do-it-yourself to save money.


mommy said...

It is going to be an amazing wedding!
PS you look better then the model in that lovely dress:)

Sophia Lee said...

I agree with your mommy!! You're super gorgeous, Christina, but you should maybe have saved it for the actual wedding so that we can all be stunned by your beauty! :-)

Oh, and I wonder if there's a bus that takes you to that place from NYC?

Christina said...

Oh I never thought of that Sophia! I took my pic down, just the model now! There's a train from NYC, I'll email you the deets!

Jessie said...

Your ring is GORGEOUS, Christina! Looks like I missed the pic of you in your dress, but I'll bet you were even more gorgeous!

Kim said...

Your ring is making me a good way. It's insanely gorgeous. =) I am so thrilled to see things are going so well with the wedding planning. I can't wait to read all about it at the end of the year.

Cheers to your upcoming nuptials! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe tomorrow is your wedding day already? Maybe after the wedding you'll let us know why you chose the particular date when it fell on a Monday!

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

mommy said...

AMAZING, WONDERFUL wedding! Everyone said the BEST wedding they had ever been too! I agree --so much incredible dancing, great food, caring loving friends.... and better yet it lasted for days so we had extra time together in a perfect setting.
PS my daughter was gorgeous:)