Monday, February 2, 2009

No Reservations: Chicago

Tonight was Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: Chicago. How exciting was it to watch a show and actually be within reasonable distance to go try the things out?! Very. Well, at least for me.

My new goal in life is to eat at every one of the establishments Tony visited. They even condensed them in a neat little list for me. Well, maybe not all, because Moto and L20 have three figure menu prices per person. That's a little out of the budget.

I have to say, I agreed wholeheartedly with every word he said about Chicago pizza. God, it felt good to hear somebody else say it aloud. Wickedly good. I was giddy. I'm sorry, but I'm just not a fan of Chicago pizza and I seem to be the only person in a 5 state radius that thinks this. It doesn't quench that "pizza" craving for me, because something about it just isn't pizza in my mind. If I'm eating it, I just have to look at it as a generic meal and I can admit it tastes good, but "pizza," as I know it, it is not. Although, I am willing to give Burt's a chance, because even Tony liked it. And Burt made me laugh out loud, literally.

I was also really excited to see that fish smokery! Good seafood! Hallelujah! I'm not a super huge fan of smoked food, but again, I want to give it a chance and also will definitely enjoy the fried seafood.

The two I'm probably most excited about are the Silver Palm Restaurant and their three little pigs sandwich that Tony and Mancow went berserk over. I'm also a "total egg slut" and love a fried egg over anything. And, again, I agree wholeheartedly with Tony's words, this time complimentary ones, about Chicago dogs. I love hot dogs and this city does them right. Hot Doug's dogs had me wanting to lick the TV screen and I cannot WAIT to try the duck fat fries. Yummy, yummy!


Nowheymama said...

I couldn't stay awake long enough to watch it. I'll have to check and see when they'll run it again. I love it when he visits U.S. cities.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get into that sandwich, but it may have been Mancow's mere presence in that scene that turned me off. I forgot about the duck fat fries though, yes, I have to have those, and the smoked shrimp. Yum.

Christina said...

Nowheymama - I agree! It seems more realistic when you're watching a US city, b/c chances are I'm never going to be in some back alley in Uruguay, to find the same street vendor.

Somuchmore - All I've ever seen of Mancow was the snipit that was on the show, so I was able to easily block him out!

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be putting up your own reviews also! I have still never been to Chicago, but constantly read about the excellent restaurants there (sigh)

Christina said...

Oooo great idea, Alisa! Although, it'll probably be a very long process before I hit them all!

Anonymous said...

wow I am totally with you about the deep dish pizza. I DID find a place that makes non-greasy ones though and that is actually REALLY good. But my favorite is still NY style thin crust for SURE!

Thanks for posting that list for no reservations! I wish i saw that episode. WHen they did the one in Hong Kong and I was physically in HK, i got SO was pretty funny. :)

MC said...

You don't like Chicago style pizza?????????????

This changes EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bourdain is a legend. I'm reading his book Kitchen Confidential, and he tells quite a story.

I, though, love Chicago style pizza. :)