Thursday, April 2, 2009


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I really feel like I've been missing in action, and just out of the loop for awhile now, but when I just looked at my blog I saw I just posted two days ago. I guess maybe because I haven't been cooking dinner in the routine way that I normally do? The past few nights have been leftovers, or repeat dinners I didn't want to reshare, and sad to admit - some take outs.

My car has also been a major source of stress for me this past week, and that didn't help my mood or desire to whip up tasty meals. The check engine light went on last Thursday and long story short, the first shop ripped me off and didn't fix the problem, so the light came on again 2 days later. The second time I just went to the dealer, even though they're notorious for being more expensive. I knew that they would know my car, and they did. The problem was found and fixed in less than two hours, and for only a little more than the first shop cost me to begin with. Hindsight's 20/20, right?

I'm glad that is over, because back in NC I've known the mechanic for pretty much my entire life (his daughter and I went to kindergarten together) and his shop is literally just a few driveways down from my parents' house. I guess I just got spoiled by having a mechanic you know and trust, having it be within walking distance to your house, and having a family with extra vehicles that you can borrow while yours is out of commission be "the norm." Once all of that is taken away, car troubles just made me feel stressed, vulnerable, and inconvenienced.

In the spirit of Biz's post earlier today, I think I'll follow suit:

I have always been really good at maintaining a weight. I'm not a fast gainer, or a fast loser, I slowly creep up and down, but am able to just maintain a steady weight for months on end, seemingly without trying really hard. The problem now, is that I'm maintaining a weight that I'm not comfortable, or happy, with. I would also estimate that about 75% of the clothes I moved here with (less than 3 years ago) no longer fit me, or are uncomfortably tight.

I'm going to start keeping a handwritten food journal to keep track of empty calories, and hopefully start working in some regular exercise. It's hard for me to jump-start an exercise program with a DVD or inside routine. I like to start outside, walking my dog or biking until I get my stamina and energy up, and then I can feel motivated to do the inside stuff, in addition. My cousin found this adorable little weight loss ruler, that tracks your progress towards your goal. You can post it on your blog or webpage in tons of cute designs.

I found body measurements I took almost exactly one year ago today, and my arms, waist, and thighs have increased. My bust decreased (boooo), while my hips and calves have thankfully decided to stay put and remain the same. This was a big wake-up call for me, so I will be making some changes, but will not chart the progress on this blog. I'm not that brave, and would like to keep this one primarily food and recipe orientated.

Finally, it's not 100% related, but is still something that makes me feel good about myself, so it's on the same page. A lot of bloggers have been posting recently about Spring cleans, or big projects they're tackling. This has slowly, but ever so surely, started to light a fire under me. I hope, within the next few weeks, to do the same. I'd ultimately like to tackle room by room, breaking it down, organizing, and rebuilding it to a point where I'm happy with the cleanliness and order. The house is currently in a half construction zone state, so it's easy to let stuff clutter in not completed rooms, but I want to stop that habit.

Thanks for reading, I just needed to get some weight off my shoulders!


Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

I know what you mean, it can be so hard to find a mechanic you really trust. Mechanics, doctors, etc. always a pain starting new when you move!

I also here you on the slow creeping weight. I think I am in the exercise with you right now. Good luck!

Nicole (Sweetie Pie) said...

Great post! I think I may always keep a food journal, and I find it so helpful! I hope you have the same positive experience with yours.

I certainly need to apply some spring cleaning tactics to more than just my freezer, but I'm taking it slowly. I need to weed out my closet, but I HATE doing that.

I'm sorry that your car has been under the weather. Car troubles are the worst, and that's especially true when your trusted mechanic is not nearby. I'm glad it got fixed.

Here's wishing you an awesome weekend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Although I do my calories online at, it still helps to have a tangible journal to reach to!

If you eat it, you have to write it down!

Got your package today - going to post about it shortly!!

Happy Friday and I enjoyed the read! :D

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

I'm a big fan of the bite it/write it method... it works! If you need a mechanic, I can ask a former coworker who she uses... she lives not far from you!

Christina said...

That'd be great, Mara! I just ended up going to the dealer this time around, but that's not really a solution. It'd be nice to know somebody beforehand for the dreaded "next time." (knock on wood)

Jennifer said...

I started a de-clutter project too at my house. And the places I have decluttered, have remained clean!!! That's the hard part, once you clean something, it (for me at least) goes right back the the way it was before long!

And good for you with your journaling of food, it makes a huge difference!