Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Firsts - Spotted Dick

Friday Firsts

Happy Friday!! (Click the image above if you need more information on Friday Firsts.) Also, please see the exciting announcement/invitation at the end of this post!!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I've requested Johnny take me to Big Tuna for dinner and make me my family's cheesecake in lieu of a cake.

Four years ago my brother e-mailed me the recipe with the subject line "damn cheesecake" because I'd been bugging him about it for days. The first line of the e-mail is "cheese cake *do not share with anyone, cook it in private, i will kill you*" and he ends it with "DONT LET ANYONE KNOW ANY OF THIS OR I WILL SERIOUSLY KILL YOU. ps. happy birthday." Brothers - gotta love 'em, right?

Ok, onto my first because I'm sure you're dieing of curiosity after a title like that.

We found it in the ethnic food aisle and had to get it. It's British. And when you shook the can (which was very light), there was a solid mass that rattled back and forth inside.

Upon opening the can, I discovered it's like some kind of cake. I don't know, it's hard to describe, but I think maybe it was baked in the can.

I cut a wedge out and heated it in the microwave, as it instructed. It's impossible to make this stuff look pretty. It was really dense, dry, crumbly, and sickeningly sweet. I would describe it as a dry, heavy coffee cake that tastes as if molasses were poured over it. Not my favorite thing. But then again, it's not everyday you can say you ate Spotted Dick!

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Chicagoland Blogger Meet-up Announcement/Invitation:

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Dawn said...

I've seen it at the store and have gotten it for my husband (he'll try anything) and he really liked it. I have a friend in the UK who said to try it with Devon Custard, which I found right next to the Spotted Dick. Hubby loves it! I have not tried it. It looks way too sweet for my taste.

Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad said...

happy early bday!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

Oh honey, you have to have custard with Spotted Dick! It's awful without. Actually, to be honest the tinned stuff isn't all that nice. I've had some beautiful ones in pubs and restaurants here in England, but it has to be homemade. (Of course, I always try to make someone else order it for me as I feel this silly urge to giggle when I say Spotted Dick out loud!) I haven't got a Friday First this week, but I'm going to work on making a Spotted Dick from scratch for a future Friday Firsts post because properly made, it's gorgeous (although not as nice as Sticky Toffee pudding...) Well done for having the courage to try something new and different though!! Have a lovely, lovely birthday!!

Julie said...

I don't have a first that I can think of but the name of that food is hilarious! For some reason I thought it was fish when I'd seen it before. Happy almost birthday!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I probably would have bought that just to see what it was! Too funny, never heard of spotted dick before!!!

Jenn said...

When I was looking up authentic English foods, I found Spotted Dick. Seems so strange to have a baked good in a can, but apparently they go gaga for it. Too bad it's sickeningly sweet. I'm really not a sickeningly sweet kinda girl. I will have to try it eventually though in order to cross it off of my food bucket list!

Happy Friday!

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

sickengly sweet? thts the first time ive heard of a spotted dick tasting SWEET before.

LAMO.. i kid i kid.. i cant believe no one else picked up on that obvious "that's what she said!".. hehehe
only me i guess!

just the description of eating it made me want to vom a little bit.. ehhehe i dont think ill be trying that anytime soon!