Monday, October 25, 2010


Maybe it's because it's the same time of year as my birthday, but I love Halloween! I think it's so much fun to dress up as something else and play games and trick-or-treat and go to parties. It's such a great start to the holiday season!

In the spirit (har har, get it!??) of Halloween, here are some things going on around here!

Kitchen towels bought at The Center

Witch ornament, also from The Center - she's an old lightbulb!

Bat I made from a coat hanger and garbage bag.

Mice on the stairs I made from an old orange juice container and a template.

Taking a step outdoors are the items I'm REALLY proud of. Creations from plywood, jigsawed and painted by yours truly! (The witch still needs her broom and lantern affixed.)

Close-up of the kitty's face - those are elecrtical wire whiskers!

Close-up of the google eye couldron.

Heading up the walkway is a sparkly witch's hat ...

... and a spooky bat!

And last but not least, a vegetable tray we brought to a recent gathering. What's that you say? There's nothing Halloweeny about an old, boring vegetable platter?

Not so, my friends!! Simply purchase an orange bell pepper, and using a small paring knife make him into a tiny jack-o-lantern! Fill with your favorite dip. (In this case I filled him with my delicious homemade hummus.)


Beth Morey said...

Wow, you went all out! My favorites are the stair mice. So cute! The bell pepper pumpkin is pretty nifty, too. You're so creative!

Simply Life said...

wow, that is so creative with the pepper!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

WEE !! I did the same thing with a bell pepper this weekend!! :D everyone LOVED it.

how awesome are you?? I love Halloween, and your decor is fabulous! I love the mice... I wish I could see closer, how did you make them? :D

Christina said...

Thanks guys!
For the mice, I used the template linked under the photo. I printed and traced into onto hard plastic from an old OJ container b/c I wanted it to be more rigid. You could also use an old milk jug, too. Then I spray painted it grey. You could do black too, but I thought it'd be too dark to stand out on our stairs! Then I just used painter's tape (the blue stuff) to affix to the stairs so it wouldn't cause any damage to the wood or finish.

Alisa said...

You. are. amazing! Can I come to your house for Halloween? I can't believe you did a bell pepper pumpkin too! I have a post going on up GDF this week with a bell pepper pumpkin (not mine, I wasn't that creative).

Amanda said...

This is awesome Christina, you are so talented. I try to make my own decorations and fail miserably everytime.

Anonymous said...

oh, there is simply too much cute in those little mice and that pumpkin pepper!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Love this--you are SOOO creative. Thanks for sharing, they were all fun to look at!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

So cute Christina! I think my favorite is the witch and the mice on the steps!!!

I love Halloween too, so glad it's on a weekend day this year!

Laura said...

OMG I love the bell pepper :) so damn cute my kids will love it!

live pura vida said...

Ohhh we're having a Halloween party Saturday night with a potluck. I should do a veggie tray and make the pepper pumpkin.