Friday, June 24, 2011

House Before & After

In no particular order...

Back patio before and after being pressure washed.

Downstairs fireplace area before and after being finished.

Upstairs bedroom/office before and after being painted/carpeted/new windows.

Before and after of foyer area staircase with new railings and banisters.

Before and after of messy and dirty laundry room.

Before and after of 1970s exterior light (and unpictured broken intercom) with new light and plaque.

Before and after of upstairs bathroom counter.

Before and after of upstairs bathroom shower.

Before and after of shed, which got a new roof and door.

Before and after of downstairs bathroom.

Before and after of downstairs family room.

Above sink kitchen light installed.

There are obviously many, many other changes. I have folders and folders of photos documenting the whole thing. But I thought I'd just show you the main rooms.

Johnny is now in the process of interviewing real estate agents to put it on the market. If you know anybody in the SW suburbs of Chicago that would be interested, please don't hestitate to steer them our way! We put a lot of work into the house, from roof to crawlspace. My dad is a licensed contracter in NC, so everything was done meticulously and correctly. No slapped-up, quick-fixes here!


live pura vida said...

Everything looks really nice! Too bad you can't just pick it up and move it to the OBX hahaha.

mommy said...

Everything looks awesome.
Your Father "is the man"
Now just think sell sell sell