Monday, June 1, 2009

Give-Away 5 Winner

Apparently I really stink at picking cool prizes for give-aways. I thought you guys liked food magazines!? But, with a whopping total of 6 entries and only 1 person linking back, I guess I seriously missed the mark. Sorry, guys!

There were 84 pistachios in the glass, so Michelle at Lucky Taste Buds wins with her guess of 70 and because I'm so nice, I'll forgive the lack of a required link-back. Michelle, email christina at dinneratchristinas dot com with your mailing address so I can order up your Taste of Home subscription! Congrats!

I got my adorable little foodie charm from Mara in Friday's mail! I couldn't wait until the end of the contest and risk not winning and her charms all be sold out! I just had to have this little laptop! You can still order yours (utensil laptop or peanut butter jar) if you didn't win her charm give-away!


Cyndi said...

Wow, was I off! I have never been good at these types of guessing contests, even live, when you can pick up the jar. Congrats to the winner and I love that little charm!

Anonymous said...

darn! I wish I had known about the giveaway sooner..I'm so sorry! I def love food magazines!
and thanks for sharing your fart made me laugh so hard, oatmeal flew out of my mouth! it made my day :-)

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

congrats on winning Mara's Charm!\

SO cute!

Anonymous said...

I am a magazine whore - and already subscribed to that magazine - sorry you didn't get more responses!

Love the laptop charm from Mara!

Christina said...

Shannon I didn't win, I bought it on my own! :) I couldn't wait, it was too cute.

Biz, I figured if anybody was already subscribed, I'd just tack on the next year and they'd keep getting it with no lapse! Either way somebody'd win a free year! :)

Sweetie Pie said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed it!! Although, I'm pretty bad at those guessing games too. Maybe I need to practice with more of your give aways!

I'm glad you treated yourself to the laptop charm. I do think that one and the PB one are both so adorable!