Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stormy Shorewalk and Sonic!

This particular mornings' 5am walk turned into a 5am run for your life back to the car!

We'd been walking maybe 20-30 minutes and then heard the ominous rumble of thunder before the sky changed right before our very eyes. Big, black, rolling clouds with lightning bouncing between them came, literally, out of nowhere and consumed the sky.

The calm ocean that had peacefully been waiting for an innocent sunrise turned choppy, black, and blew chilly mist off the tops of waves in our direction.

This happens quite frequently by the ocean, where you can literally see the line where rain starts and stops. On the right the clouds are releasing a downpour, but on the left the sky is still clear where the stormclouds haven't reached yet.

We briskly walked, jogged, and ran as fast as the damp sand would allow us back to the car. By the time we got there, we were completely soaked through and I commented that's the most I'd run since grade school gym class!

After going home and changing, we set off to Elizabeth City, about an hour north of my parents' house for a fun day and free museum visit. The night before we'd attempted to celebrate two of my cousins' birthdays at a local restaurant. Let's just suffice to say it was miserable, horrible service and despite us walking in with large birthday gift bags and three excited kids we were promptly handed a check after our incorrect and unattended meal, never even given the option to order dessert, much less receive a complimentary birthday one!

We ended up letting them open their birthday presents in the car and then stopped at Sonic for a fun lunch and a long anticipated birthday dessert! We sang Happy Birthday and everything, for an all-inclusive "Birthday Party in a Car" experience! The girls are posing with Kritki, Oodles of Doodles mascot for a new website project. He came on many of our adventures this trip, kind of like the Flat Stanley project. You can purchase your own Kritki and send in pictures with your adventures with him!

Oh, my beloved turd ice, how I missed you.... cherry limeades just aren't the same without your crunchy goodness!

Free 44 oz. upgrade! (*if you remember to ask for it)

My mom at a diner, modeling her brand spanking new pink Vans she just purchased at a thrift store!

A silhouetted me, modeling a dreamy 50's kitchen! Too bad I'm missing my retro apron in this shot!


Sophia said...

Lol, Christina, I love you and your mom's poses.
and wow...stormy weathers make a beautiful, stunning picture!

Unknown said...

Hey Christina the Sonic birthday wasn't so bad. That sandwich and fries was good and then that Root beer float was awesome. That was a great time we had with you. Bye Emma