Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cans for Comments Results

Wow, guys! I'm shocked at the final number of my cans for comments drive! I have some awesome readers!

In less than 5 days your comments helped me reach a total of 41 cans I'll be donating to a local food bank!!

I want to thank all of you, your comments made this happen!

Also, thank you to the many who helped spread the word by blogging, Twittering, and Facebooking about it. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much! This was truly an awesome way to celebrate the season and remind me to be thankful for the things I am blessed to have and remember those who are less fortunate in my actions.

In the spirit of the holidays and helping the many people in our communities who are struggling to feed their families, I challenge any of the other bloggers, friends and family who supported my cans for comments mission to consider matching my donation with a donation of their own.

If you will be making a donation (of 41 cans, or any number you're comfortable with!) to your local food bank, please share with us in a comment, below! Together we can give families the gift of a full pantry this Christmas season. Every little bit helps, and all of our little bits together equal full tummies.


live pura vida said...

I emptied my cabinets of all the canned goods I have! They're all going to a project to support families in need in the town where I work. They're even taking pet food!

Christina said...

wohoo! Awesome, Anne! :) I was thinking about throwing in some cans of dog food, too. Can't forget man's best friend!

Nansea said...

Christina, I'm sure you won't remember me but I'm a friend of your MOm and Dads...Nancey Atkinson and Billy Graham...He's so proud of you and so are the way he's sitting right beside me and says to send his love.What a beautiful young lady you are...I'm so impressed with your blog and now I'm going to join your fan club...Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.....HoHo

Christina said...

Of course I remember Nancy and Billy! :) Merry Christmas guys! Thanks for checking out the blog!

Anonymous said...

Billy Graham? Isn't that the great reverend? Hee hee..

Anyway. Congrats on your can drive! YIPPEEE! You're damn amazing, Christina!! And so are the bloggers!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Congratulations, Christina! What a wonderful success this has been! I tip my hat to your readers/commentors ... you've put my total of 24 to shame - though I'm happy to at least be in the double digits.

Thanks so much for opening my eyes to this great blogging event. I'm going to do it next year too!