Thursday, December 31, 2009

18th Century Spoon Bread

My parents drove from North Carolina to our house in a Ford Expedition. Packed in the back were literally hundreds of pounds of food! They brought food presents for us, food presents for them to share, cookies from relatives, food my mom brought back from her recent trip to Italy, and food to eat while they were here.

Among all of these boxes were some containers of "Spoon Bread Mix" from Byrd Mill, established in 1740! The ingredient list was short and sweet, so Johnny whipped one up the first night they got here for us to eat the next few days for breakfast.

Made with white cornmeal, it was a creamy, fluffy texture - almost like grits or polenta! It made for a really hearty breakfast, sweetened by the fact that Johnny added raisins and pecans to the mix before baking. He also substituted butter instead of using margarine for obvious reasons.

I reheated mine with a little bit of real maple syrup drizzled over the top! We still have two boxes left to make, and we're already brainstorming about future variations, like cheesy!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I wish my parents brought foodie gifts to me :) That looks SO much like my sweet potato pecan identical. Weird!! Happy New Year Christina!!!

sophia said...

OMG. I love gritty cornmeal stuff, esp when it's combined into a sweet and savory dish...White cornmeal? I wonder if it's like white grits?

Can you add bacon in there? ;-)

Christo Gonzales said...

reheated with butter and syrup sounds so good! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Christina said...

ohhh good idea Sophia - cheesy bacon!