Monday, April 18, 2011

iPhone Recaps

Ok, so I've been a horrible food blogger the past few weeks!

But, deep in my veins I was still a food blogger at heart. Something in my DNA would make me whip out my iPhone and snap some pics of note-worthy meals I had for you guys.

A slurpee!! Ahh, when was the last time you had one of these? It'd been way, way too long for me!

We went to Ikea one weekend to look at bathroom stuff for the re-do. My dad got Lox.

I got the Swedish meatballs and 3 bars of chocolate that we all split!!

An apple I ate as a snack had a bellybutton!

Dinner out one night featured a not so appetizing sounding drink menu ..

And this past weekend we went into the city to meet with Mara for our engagement photos! She took us to Old Town Social where we drank Prosecco.

And I ate these delicious poached eggs over spinach and artichoke hearts with Hollandaise!

In addition to splitting these sausage and gravy biscuits with Johnny! (He had his own plate of Banana's Foster french toast while Mara let us sneak a taste of her Waffles and Sausage.)

We were serenaded by a Dixieland band because it was brunch! Fun!

I'll post some of the engagement photos soon for you guys to see!


Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Can't wait to see your engagement shots!!!! Have a great day Christina.

Linda james said...

Large props to the people to be so helpful and helpful. Pezzi di ricambio