Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding and House

Johnny and I went to his friend's wedding on Saturday. I think I look 86 instead of 26 in this pic. That's J's older brother photo bombing us, btw.

The reception food was delicious! We started with bread and had this delicious cream of chicken soup with rice.

Then a salad, and a family style dinner of the above yummies. Finished with a cherry jubilee dessert. Later they served fresh fruit and pastries. Here in the Midwest you take a slice of the wedding cake to go. Weird, huh!?

I thought this was so nice of the couple. They had these signs on each of the tables and around the room. I don't care what those bitchy opinionated brides on The Knot boards say, a donation in lieu of a favor is a really nice thought!

Yesterday we headed to J's parents' for Mother's Day. We got his mom this little greenhouse kit that J's younger brother put together for her. She's starting all of her plants for her big vegetable garden, so it'll come in handy.

She also just got her yearly shipment of baby chicks. (She raises hens for eggs.) It's always my favorite time of year when they arrive! I pick them up and snuggle them, they're so soft! These are about a week old and just fit in your hand.

Also, my dad's back in town. House progress where we left off - the downstairs' shower door is installed.

He grouted the tile floor down there and the cabinet and all electrical stuff (outlets, switches, lights) J installed.

J also swapped out our front door exterior light. The old one was on the house from when it was built in the mid-70s. It was really old, black, rusty, and full of wasp and spider nests. This makes the front look so much more inviting, I think!

And my FAVORITE progress of all -- my dad did this cement treatment on the fireplace. I just can't get over how awesome it looks! I'll have to get a picture of myself standing next to it to show you guys how big this is. It's such an awesome focal point of the room.


Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Your future brother in law in hilarious!!! I "awww'd" out loud at the chicks, and "wow'd" to myself when I saw the fireplace. Your home is really coming together. Have a good week Christina.

Jenn said...

I'm all for the donation in lieu of favors as well. Most favors end up in the trash or donation bin and I love that this money is going to a great cause!

I'm reading more and more about demanding brides who insist that not only the wedding day all about them, but the year of planning leading up to the wedding is all about them too. Bridezillas suck!

Christina said...

@Roz thanks!
@Jenn - yes, my same thoughts on the favors. I'd much rather $ go to tornado victims than get Jordan almonds or a little trinket!

live pura vida said...

The donation is a really nice idea in place of the favors. Also, I LOVE that greenhouse rack! Who makes it?

Christina said...

We got the greenhouse rack on Amazon - search them for it. They're in the $30-40 range and are quick to put together - no tools required.

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

The sad part is doing all the work and then moving!

I think a donation is a great thing to do instead of favors!

April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

You do NOT look 86!! It's a lovely photo - despite your brother in law to be :) Your house looks like it's coming along beautifully - that is so exciting! And oh my goodness, those baby chicks are SO cute!!

Errign said...

I think donations in lieu of favors is nice. Favors are so expensive usually, and a lot of people leave them behind.

Merut said...

I hate those b#tches on the forum boards. They are so annoying. When I saw your picture of the "favors" I immediately thought I could do this for my guests.

Biz said...

I think wedding favors are a waste anyway - its a great idea to donate the money to charity!

It's getting stormy Christina!

p.s. love the fireplace!