Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome Package

Sorry guys, it's been crazy around here lately.

Johnny and I packed the moving truck with help from our friend Goran on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we left a lot later than expected and drove all day and night from IL to NC. We got here about 10am with a 16' moving truck and my Jeep on a car tow behind.

We rented a 16x20' storage unit and unloaded everything into there. At this point we'd been up about 36 hours. It was exhausting. Some of the stuff I moved into my parents' house, where I'll be staying for a couple of weeks. It's a confusing, scattered mess. Some of my stuff is in IL, some is in the storage unit, and some is thrown in boxes and suitcases around here.

I heard from work I didn't have to start until Friday, the 10th, so I took a short road trip to my God daughter's house, about 3 hours from here. It was so nice to be close enough to family and friends for a change!

Now I'm back at my parents' house, but the A/C upstairs is on the fritz. One second it'll be nice and cool, then without any warning it won't come on and raise up to a blistering 88F! I moved into their downstairs guest room, so now my stuff is scattered even MORE.

I'm using my mom's laptop to post this. Hopefully the apartment will be ready soon and then I'll be able to sort through my stuff, officially unpack, and hook up MY computer. Thanks for hanging in there through all this!

Sophia, the sweetheart that she is, sent me a care package to my parents' house. It was here waiting for me on the table when I got back from visiting my God daughter.

I was just expecting these - fruit chews she had a photo of on Facebook.

But no, she sent a whole slew of goodies!

Also soup, which I broke into right away for lunch. It was spicy, I went through three tissues while eating it! So delicious, and had a separate vegetable packet, not like our Americanized ramen!

Thank you Sophia, you rock!

I'll try to be better about posting! Either from my mom's laptop, possibly my iPhone (if I can figure it out), and definitely my computer once I get it hooked up.

I have a lot to show you guys! The house photos, pictures from my trip, and of course food!!


Simply Life said...

hope the move is going well! You should definitely take pictures of the process -I am always SHOCKED (and humored) when I look back on before and afters :)

sophia said...

Hee hee it was totally my pleasure! I'm just sorry it took longer than I planned to send it. You know Koreans eat that ramen with more kimchi! And we use less water so the broth is deep red. Hee hee hee, hard core are we!

Can't wait to see your house photos and all the jazz!

Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Good luck moving - I know how frustrating it can be, been there!

Errign said...

So glad you've arrived safely! Yay for us both being in NC!

April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

Good luck with the move! Look forward to seeing your pictures!