Monday, July 11, 2011

Softshell Crabs

I never showed you this, way back from when my dad was helping us renovate the house. It was a long time ago, I know, because he cooked these on a Friday for Lent.

Plate of fresh soft shell crabs he brought from NC. To clean the crabs you cut off their face (I know!) and you can eat the entire thing. Crabs molt their exterior, hard shell so there is a brief window for soft shell crabs. However, my dad does pull off the soft top shell, which makes it easier to clean the inside of the crab, removing the lungs and other gunk. I MUCH prefer eating soft shell crabs that my parents clean, versus those at a restaurant. I learned that the hard way- yuck.

Taking a little dip in oil.
Hopping out of the tub!

We had a huge, huge pile of soft shells. Which Johnny was pretty scared of. He said they looked like giant, fried spiders.

So, we also had some fried fish for him, too.

My plate, stuffed to the edge. The seafood was served alongside some fried rice my dad made and a green apple slaw I made.

And you better believe by the end of the night that whole platter of crabs and fish was gone!

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Anonymous said...

Soft shell crabs are amazing! I'm drooling over this recipe, wow, this looks fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing, I am now following =]