Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Cake Tasting!

When I think of wedding planning I think of two things: a nervous girl trying on dresses and an excited couple stuffing their faces with cake samples.

Since I already tried on dresses, I've had the cake tasting to look forward to for months!

Our venue works hand-in-hand with Homestyle Desserts, a local bakery to include the cake with the reception cost. At first I was a little weary because I wasn't sure if it was a good bakery. I read some online reviews and the locals just go ga-ga over them! My nerves were settled!

When we opened the doors to get out of the car in the parking lot, we both nearly fainted from the scent. There were people rushing in and out with huge white boxes full of tasty treats. The display cases were filled top to bottom with every Italian dessert, pastry, and treat you could imagine.

We were ushered behind the counter to a table and given 4 slices to try.

Starting at the top was Chocolate Mousse with chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. Going clockwise, next was Double Temptation, chocolate cake with cheesecake. Next was the Amaretto Cake, vanilla amaretto cake with vanilla and chocolate custard filling. Last was Cannoli Cake, an Italian sponge cake with Cannoli cream and chocolate chips.

In about 4 seconds the plate looked like this. When I looked at the selections back in February I pretty much already made up my mind. The tasting just solidified that choice!

Which one would you pick?
Which do you think I picked!?!


Dawn said...

I would pick Double Temptation or Cannoli cake. I think you picked Cannoli cake. :)It's too bad you can't have a cake with all 4 kinds! MMMMM that would be so yummy!

Biz said...

You picked the cannoli cake! That's my guess anyway!

The amaretto one sounds delicious too. :D

Errign said...

I think the temptation or cannoli one sound best, but I think you went cannoli!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Ooooh...how fun Christina. I have no idea which you chose, but I do know your wedding guests will be very lucky. Have a good Wed.

benilhalk said...

I love having wedding cakes and recently in my friend’s wedding party at one of Seattle Wedding venues, had most delicious pineapple cake I have ever tasted. It was so yummy. The different flavors were also amazing. Will order pineapple cake for my wedding too.