Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Pumpkin Pancakes

I grabbed this at a gift shop while Johnny and I were in Sleepy Hollow, NY last weekend. It was all decorated for fall and Halloween, so really I couldn't resist. Plus, you could smell the spices through the bag, tempting you to take it home and make them. I love how it says "best weekend pancakes" because weekend pancakes always seem to taste better than weekday pancakes. (I think so at least.)

It was nothing crazy. I probably could have found a recipe to make at home. But hey, it's convenient and cute. I made it for dinner because I love breakfast for dinner!

The mix was really thick. Usually when I make Bisquick pancakes they're runny and pour easily. This was super thick like a cake batter.

I ran over to my parents' house and stole borrowed their griddle. We don't have much in the pots and pans department so it just seemed easiest. I cooked a package of little sausages and about a dozen of these fluffy, cakey, pumpkin spice pancakes. The scent was ahhhmazing. I told Johnny that our upstairs neighbor probably wanted to kill us from the smells wafting up into his apartment.

I ate 3 pancakes and 4 5 of the little sausages. I've been trying to behave myself for the wedding. I'm tracking my exercise on Daily Mile and have swapped out a meal a day for SlimFast shakes. The two month mark is coming up quick!!


Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Hi Christina! Those pancakes look great. I also love breakfast for dinner. How are the wedding plans coming along?? You registered for pots and pans, right? :0)

Biz said...

Those do look good Christina - if you ever want to make them from scratch, try this one - they are so fluffy!

Happy Sunday!

Christina said...

No we DON'T need pots and pans anybody reading this!!!!! haha Please no!! Don't!!!

Our pots and pans are in storage. We have way more than a couple would ever need. Ever. We just can't access them right now!

Errign said...

It's so easy to eat like a million pancakes...nom nom nom!

Shaheen said...

Oh I love the packaging too, I've never seen anything like it in the U.K.

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

I love packages like that. OOH...I can imagine how great they were. Take care Christina!!!!

Dawn said...

I love having breakfast for dinner too!