Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup

No, I didn't make chicken noodle soup for our dinner last night.

Campbell's did.

And they did a really, really bad job.

We've been buying Wolfgang Puck's canned soups for a few months now because they are all natural and organic. They are on sale every few weeks so I grab a bunch of cans and they taste good. Genuinely tasty stuff. If somebody served it to me in a blind taste test I wouldn't believe them it came from a can.

Despite all this, I had a craving for Campbell's chicken noodle soup. So we grabbed a few cans and had it last night for dinner.

Johnny dumped two cans and their respective canfuls of water into a pot and moved onto something else, leaving me in the kitchen to stir every few minutes.

So I'm stirring and I notice that each little chicken bit that the spoon brings to the surface is really disgusting looking. Like- pieces of fatty chunks. I start imagining that they're arteries and tendons and stuff (I'm disgusting like that) so I can't eat them. I show Johnny and we decide to pick them all out now so we don't have to be grossed out while we're eating.

I noticed their grossness was still present once they were out of the broth and in a paper towel so I decided we will take a picture and I will write a letter to Campbell's. Something along the lines of .. "Is this really the quality of chicken you expect your customers to eat or be willing to feed to their children?" I haven't officially written it yet, but it'll be good. I anticipate free coupons in my future.

I'll post the picture in tiny form because the big one just has too much detail - I don't want to gross out the thousands handful of readers I have.


Nowheymama said...

Yeah, I can't do canned chicken noodle soup anymore. I make Rachael Ray's Chicken and Stars instead.

Christina said...

I'll have to look for that- I love her!

Anonymous said...

I did look at a close up...gross!!!

Christina said...

I warned you!

And can you believe that I wrote Campbells a product feedback email later that night - so 5 days ago, now - and haven't heard ANYTHING from them?