Monday, October 6, 2008

Money Saver!

We just got back from a huge grocery trip and had $56.18 total savings.

$35.68 were "preferred" savings - the store's member card benefits and $20.50 were coupons I brought to the store! Woohoo!

I just started a new job over the weekend that is a new business so it's been a bit hectic working before and after closing and even today when we were supposed to be closed. I haven't been cooking much except a big pot of quinoa and mixed veggies I divided into a few meals. The rest have been take-out or microwave things when I had the time.

I need to get back into the groove of things and work out some form of a schedule. I tried to purchase a lot of friendly things that will aid making work-night dinners and lunches I can bring to work. I'm a big fan of bringing home-made meals to work. It's healthy and it's cheap. Otherwise I end up spending way too much money per day on food and drinks and my thighs start to show the adverse affects!


Nowheymama said...

Good shopping!

Anonymous said...

I love saving $ at the grocery store! I have been buying a lot of food from Aldi where they don't take coupons. I love homemeade lunches too. Last night, I made tacos. When I was putting everything away, I thought, "Make your lunch" I had 2 cups of spinach, taco meat, a little cheese, 1 cup of brown rice, and 1/2 cup of black beans and salsa and make a taco salad. It is phenominal! I am eating it now! You could also freeze soups in portions to take to work too. Sometimes I will just leave it on my desk to defrost and by lunch time, just heat it in the microwave. Good luck on your new job!