Monday, January 5, 2009

Grocery Trip/Opposite Resolution

We finally took a VERY necessary trip to the grocery store. The last time I went to the store was December 13th, and that was a smaller trip. The last BIG shopping date was December 3rd, so realistically we haven't fully stocked our shelves in a month!

I wanted to use up everything in the fridge and chip away at items in the freezer before our trip. Then, once we got back we both felt sick, tired, and just didn't make it out until today. We did really well, too! Only $137.44 total, after saving $19.57 with the member card and $1.30 in coupons I brought to the store. Sadly, a lot of my coupons expired 12/31/08 so I had to toss out a bunch of savings we didn't have the opportunity to use. What a bummer!

I'm not a New Year's Resolution type of a gal. I usually feel pressured to choose something I'm mentally not ready to achieve and then hit a brick wall immediately. Instead of setting myself up for failure and a self-imposed guilt trip, I tend to do an "opposite resolution." For the past few years I've done this and it works well. Instead of taking the opportunity to look forward to 2009 and pick something to change, I look back to 2008 and reflect on what did and did not work.

For example, in 2008 I made great progress in getting our grocery bills down, cooking a lot of healthy meals at home, drinking water instead of soda, eliminating snacking, and staying on top of household duties. They're not giant things, like committing myself to lose 10 pounds, but overall they do add to a healthier lifestyle, and one that is just as important to me as being an ideal weight.

Since the holidays started and we were out of town, I'll readily admit that I fell off the wagon. I put off grocery shopping for a ridiculous amount of time, resulting in a few unnecessary take out meals. I barely drank water on our trip and brought that bad habit home. Also, the small clean-as-you-go regime I'd worked myself into has gotten way behind, so I have big messes in every room.

To get myself back on track, but not in a resolution type of way, I'd like to keep those good habits of 2008 working positively for me in 2009, and eventually add to them. I've knocked out the grocery shopping and planning of some homecooked meals. Water drinking is back in full force, and eventually, when I kick this cold and have some energy, I'll get on top of the cleaning again!

Coming up in the recipe department: baked veggie chips from Taste of Home (the picture is to die for) and a spaghetti squash/quinoa casserole inspired by Biz, who was inspired by Artsy Foodie. I'm going to add back in the onions from the original recipe that Biz took out! :)

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