Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I ate way too much lunch, way too late in the afternoon to be tempted by the thought of a big dinner. However, crabcakes were already planned, and last night Johnny and I had a conversation that went like this:

Johnny: "There's 2 cans of crab sitting on the counter."

me: "I know, I put them there to remind myself that I already have dinner covered."

Johnny: "I'm eating crab?!"

me: "Crabcakes."

Johnny: "Oh, I like crabcakes."

So, I felt like he might be looking forward to them all day and I might as well make them, even if I wasn't appetized by the thought!

I drained two cans of quality crab meat and threw in a small mixing bowl. Read the labels and find crab that is packed in water and contains a high percentage of leg meat. I'm a big bargain shopper and coupon lover, but spending just .40¢ more on a can of crabmeat can really make a difference in how your dinner is going to taste.

Next, I added a minced clove of garlic, about 2 minced tablespoons of onion, and about 2 minced tablespoons of celery. I seasoned with some black pepper and a generous sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning. I added about 1/4 cup of corn flake crumbs (I can't find a breadcrumb brand that doesn't contain whey) and about 1/4 cup of low-fat mayonnaise to everything and mixed thoroughly, until the mixture is dampened, but not wet. You'll want to taste the mixture now, to make sure you have seasonings right. If everything is good, divide the mixture into 4 equal parts and shape each into a patty. Arrange on a plate and chill in the fridge for a firmer consistency and marrying of the flavors until ready to cook.

Cover the bottom of a deep-sided skillet with a shallow amount of vegetable oil and heat. Then, gently fry both sides of the crabcake until crunchy, golden-brown. I usually go about 4 minutes on each side. This is enough for a good crunch, while letting the center get hot and the vegetables become tender.

I like pairing these with a big salad, or lots of vegetables on the side. Keeping the other flavors on the plate bright and light helps the crabcake stand out and be the star of the show. Tonight, I cheated and grabbed $1 menu side salads with Italian dressing from McDonald's drive-thru!

I also made a big jug of sweet tea today, which washed everything down deliciously!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I am reading up all of your posts after finding your blog. I have a question about the crab meat you used. Is claw meat better or leg meat? Love the blog, btw!

Christina said...

I think they include claw meat in the "leg meat" category, but yes - the claw is usually the best. Sometimes the canned meat just contains little remnants of the body meat and other small areas and chambers of the crab. Kind of like a hot dog - just whatever is leftover goes in!
So, look for something that has a specific part (leg, claw) and you should be good to go!