Monday, March 23, 2009

BSI Winner and Give-away 3!

Every week I read the BSI judge's account of how hard it was to judge. Secretly, I was thinking "surely one had to jump out - you're just softening the blow for the rest of us."

Um, no. It's hard.

Sunday morning I had only 2 entries and I was in a blind panic. 50/50 decision?? I kept flipping back and forth, back and forth. Not to mention, I needed to find the next host and everybody I follow has already been a host! I was freaking out on all kinds of levels. I was so nervous that people would be mad that I killed the BSI competition with the lowest turn-out ever, and that I'd jump the gun and pick a host that also turned out to be the winner in a few hours!

Thankfully, you're all just a bunch of procrastinators (like me)! I had 6 entries roll in with <6 hours to spare.

I opened up each of the recipes in their own tab and read through every word. I let it sit awhile, came back, and did the same. I was still nowhere - so I recruited Johnny's help. We read through them together, again and again. Finally, we both admitted that we had chosen two that stood out - and we both had the same two in mind! They were both great recipes and I kept going back and forth with my decision. It was agony and I didn't know how I was going to choose!

So - I didn't choose! I call an official tie and am going to split the prize.

Congratulations to Marianne and Nicole!

The reason I chose Marianne's is because the story behind is the definition of what food and cooking is to me, personally - what drives me in the kitchen, so I related very strongly to it. The recipe was something both Johnny and I said we would love to try, and definitely could see making in our own kitchen. We love soups!

Nicole's was a truly imaginative way of using cabbage, and again - something we both said we would make in our own kitchen. I was looking for new ways to utilize cabbage and she definitely delivered! I love the Italian spin, because I am Italian myself and hate falling in the rut of plain spaghetti with red sauce. This was a new twist that can be dressed up in many ways!

Winners - email me at christina at dinneratchristinas dot com and let me know if you'd prefer either the Nuts Online pound (with your choice up to $12 and mailing address), or the $10 Amazon giftcard (and which e-mail address you'd like it sent to).

Thank you so much for all of the recipes! I had a blast coming up with the ingredient and picking last night!

Oh! I almost forgot the host! Duh, Christina.

As previously mentioned, Johnny's brother Mark recently started his own blog. Yesterday, at their parents' house - we were discussing the BSI and my lack of new host - so he was officially chosen.

He's an insanely healthy eater and is currently training for some upcoming bike and foot races. Both him, and his wife Kelly, are big foodies - so I know they'll love receiving the recipes and agonizing over who should win!! I hereby hand the contest over to him. Head over to his blog to find out the next BSI! Please keep in mind he's new - so this week is really going to rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news, because he doesn't have that big of a following yet!


Now for another chance to win!

It's the 23rd, so time for Dinner at Christina's monthly give-away on the 23rd!

Up for grabs is a Cooking for Kids cookbook, 5 Skillet Toss mixes, and two sauce mixes.

The packets are all natural, gluten free, and contain no trans fat. If you make some with water instead of oil, they are fat free. They range from 15-40 calories per serving, depending on the packet.

The flavors are: black olive pesto, spicy pasta recipe, garden style recipe, green olive pesto, dried tomato, creamy pesto, and vegetarian turkey gravy.

My parents mailed me a big box with a bunch of these packets, and unfortunately they contain whey, so I can't cook them for dinner. I've cooked a few (and saved a few) for lunches for myself, and they are really delicious and quick. Each has the instructions to make the packet as a skillet toss, but there's also a second recipe to utilize the packet in a different way on the back.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your guess of how many Froot Loops are in this glass! The closest guess, without going over, wins! If there's a tie, the person who commented first will win. Contest ends Sunday, March 29th and I'll announce the winner that night, or Monday. US Residents only, please!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for picking my little cabbage nests. I'm happy to be having another one for dinner tonight. I do love my leftovers! Tonight's will have more cheese. :-)

Cabbage was a great choice!

The glass of froot loops is so bright and happy! My guess: 192 loops of frooty goodness!!

Anonymous said...

maaan how should i know?!?!? This is sooo hard Christina! Where are the easy givewaways?!?!? hahahah

I'm guessing 130.

Keegan said...

A game, good call. I'll pick 72!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!!

I am going to guess 99 - off to check out the new host!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I won? Awesome! Last time I won it was a tie too. I see a trend. I'm so glad you liked my soup and the whole story behind it. You really should try it out, it's quite tasty.

Karin said...

137 fruit loops!

Toystory said...

I'm guessing 88.

Linda said...

How about 78 Fruit Loops.

Anonymous said...


Spiceaholic said...

Great job hosting! Congrats to the winners! I was too wiped out to think of anything.

I'm not good at guessing this kind of stuff, but I'll go for 75.

Missy said...

I am guessing 125!

Anonymous said...



annalene said...

cute giveaway! i'm going to say 105, hopefully i'm not over the correct number haha!