Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day!

It actually works out really well for Johnny and I that his family celebrates on Christmas Eve, and mine celebrates on Christmas Day! The past three years we've had Christmas Eve at his parents' and then flown out really early Christmas Day to spend with my family.

This year, since my parents were in town, we had Christmas dinner at my house! This was the first time I'd ever hosted a holiday dinner!

First, Santa came!

My dad gave us a pressure cooker (unpictured) that I hope to master and show you a few recipes with. My cousin got me the Top Chef Cookbook! My mom gave me some cheese she brought back from Italy! And I think that's all the foodie related presents. Except that big one in front! Johnny's never been able to surprise me with a present, so this year he tricked me! He told me he didn't think he'd be able to afford my present, would I mind waiting?! Of course I said - no worries! Well, there it was Christmas morning! It's a natural lighting set-up so when I take my pictures at night they won't be so washed out! I've already tested some "before and after" shots, and the difference it makes is awesome! (Can you guess which picture in this post was taken with the new light!?)

We brought in some banquet tables with Christmas tablecloths, a centerpiece, and set the TV to be a fireplace with Christmas music!

The appetizers were a fresh veggie platter by my mom. She also put out an assortment of pickles and olives. My dad made shrimp cocktail and unpictured scallops wrapped in bacon. I made stuffed celery and Johnny made the croissant wrapped baked brie!

This time instead of using a brie wheel, we used a brie wedge. (Thanks, Laura for the coupon!) Johnny had an ingenious idea to turn it into a Christmas tree with an angel atop! I think it turned out terrific!

Dinner itself was lasagna with mini meatballs and sausage, made by my dad. There was a whey-free option for Johnny. This was served with extra Parmesan for on top, extra sauce, and homemade garlic bread by my mom.

I contributed rolls with sliced beef and homemade gravy with mozzarella for on top and horseradish mayonnaise.

Dessert was an assortment of trays filled with homemade candies, breads, and cookies, with a couple chocolates thrown in for good measure!


Jeanette said...

You did great with the brie, the entire feast looks wonderful. I know you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I love your makeshift fireplace :) I bet looking at it just makes ya warm :) The dessert spread made my jaw the floor!!! Holy moly.

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

i love your spread of food here..

UM. need I say more about the twins thing???? right down to the tableclothes.. sheesh!

Laura said...

Oh wow great idea. so so so cool my hat's off to Johnny for tricking you and getting you a stellar present.

Love the brie wedge made into a tree:) Your man has it going on.

My kids loved your card btw they think Johnny is a cute elf. "he looks so real" it's a compliment really it is.

Love you guys!!

Christina said...

OMG Laura the boys' comment had me sitting here cracking up!! Johnny will love it! haha He's all about being a big goof in pictures. I think I have a total of 5 where he's just being normal in them.

Anonymous said...

"He looks so real." HAHAHAHA That is absolutely fantastic! I like the card 10 times more now.

And thanks for the compliments on the brie wedge! I was rather proud of my minor contribution to the meal. =P

Laura said...

Glad you guys laughed! Thought afterwords it might offend :D you never know though! Johnny I like all the work you do in the kitchen. It's nice to see 2 people who so obviously get along and have a great friendship together. Keep it up you two and you'll go far. Love to you both!!