Saturday, March 13, 2010

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

To be honest I made this a few months ago and froze it, but I'll share the recipe again since it's such a popular soup. For some reason it's also one of those meals I used to always get out and never thought to make at home, but it's so easy! I can also control the health factor, as I'm sure restaurants make theirs with a lot more butter and contain cream and higher fat cheeses.

2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp flour
pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder, to taste
3 cups milk (I used 1%)
1 - 2 cups shredded cheese (used low-fat)
2 cups steamed broccoli florets
few Tbsp of cooking water

Begin by melting the butter in a high sided skillet and mixing with the flour to create a roux. Once it starts bubbling whisk in the milk until everything is combined. Add the pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder to taste. Do not add any salt yet because the cheese contains a lot of salt. Once the milk comes up to temperature add between 1 - 2 cups of shredded cheese, depending on strength. I personally like an extra sharp cheddar cheese so I can usually get away with 1 or 1 1/2 cups of cheese. If using a milder cheese it may require upwards of 2 cups. Stir until cheese is melted. Taste and adjust seasonings, adding salt now if required.

In a separate pot steam about 2 cups of broccoli florets. In your blender, or in a bowl, combine the cheese mixture and the cooked broccoli with a few tablespoons of the steaming water. Puree or blend with a stick blender until smooth. You can reserve a few florets or cheese shreds to place on top as a garnish.

This freezes well. Just thaw in the refrigerator and reheat in a covered pot on the stove, stirring frequently. If it has thickened, simply whisk in a few tablespoons of milk to loosen. We served with sandwich halves for a light dinner.

You are not limited to just adding steamed broccoli! Pureed cauliflower or carrots, possibly diced, cooked potatoes would be good in this soup as well.

Hey What's For Dinner

I'm submitting this to Laura's "Just Another Meatless Monday." A sharing of meatless entrees and snacks to inspire and be inspired every week!


Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

I have every ingredient to make this meal! Yum! I'm going to try it this week. Question though - how much does it make? Seems like not very much, since there is only 3 c. of milk and a little water?

Christina said...

It wasn't a lot - enough for 2 bowls for us. The broccoli pretty much turned to liquid too! So I'd say serves 2 for dinner, maybe 3 for lunch?

Steph (desserts for breakfast) said...

mmm, this looks really yummy and perfect for winter weather!

Christo Gonzales said...

how rich and tasty looking - mmmmmm, double cheddar for me please!

sophia said...

Um, I'll take the entire pot with a loaf of baguette, please. This soup is actually screaming to be served in a bread bowl! :-)

Laura said...

Oh bread bowls and broccoli cheese are so damn good together. But just from a bowl is good too. Broccoli and cheese are good together no matter what.

Thanks for the early bird shout out! Yeah!!

Christina said...

I'm not gonna lie, I was very close to serving these in bread bowls. But I'm lazy so sandwiches were easier! Sorry for the cop-out, guys! hehe Maybe one of these days I'll make Laura's bread bowls and it can be a FIRST for me!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I have only made that soup once, so its about time I make it again! I actually don't like just plain broccoli, but I'll eat it in soups!

Anonymous said...

Love the cheese!! I love broccoli cheese soup - its probably my favorite.

Hope you had a great weekend!