Monday, March 1, 2010

Mexican Egg Burrito

This was one of those meals that starts as one thing but turns into something entirely different.

Johnny and I were hungry for dinner so looked at some take-out menus because I didn't have anything planned and sometimes that sparks an idea or a craving. Both of us separately thought an egg sandwich looked like the best thing on the menus, so of course we decided to make them at home instead of ordering.

I instantly envisioned carmalizing the green peppers and mixing with scrambled eggs for that delicious "pepper and egg" combination I told you about before. All local places start offering it this time of year for Lent. We didn't have any bread or rolls to put it on, so tortillas were substituted. Then I thought, ok we'll just run with the Mexican flavors!

1 tsp olive oil
1 green pepper
4 eggs
1/4 cup water
1 can black beans
salt and pepper, to taste

Start by lightly coating a medium sized frying pan with a small amount of olive oil. Wash and chop the green pepper into 1/2" pieces and start to carmalize in the pan over medium high heat. Whip the 4 eggs with the water (or milk) to thin out. Once the peppers begin to lose their crunch lower the heat to medium low and add the eggs. Season with salt and pepper and slowly move around to begin cooking. Drain and rinse a can of black beans and add to the pan, stirring occasionally. Add a lid for the last few minutes so the eggs cook through and everything is heated evenly. Makes enough to fill 8 six-inch tortillas.

Serve on warmed tortillas with fat free sour cream and a drizzle of taco sauce or salsa!

Hey What's For Dinner

I'm submitting this to Laura's "Just Another Meatless Monday." Link up any meatless dish (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.) every Monday so we can all be inspired and expand our recipe binders!


The Diva on a Diet said...

I love this idea, Christina! My husband is a major carnivore too ... so Lenten Fridays can be a challenge ... going Mexican is a good way to spice it up and keep things interesting. :)

Teresa said...

I was trying to come up with a quick idea for dinner tonight. This will be perfect! :-)

Laura said...

Oh yeah! Egg burritos! Heck yes my kids will LOVE this one. That is a great picture too.

Sorry I didn't use the link system I'll get it installed this week. I was drugged up on muscle relaxers trying to get my back to unkink and thought if I messed with my html I would implode my blog!!

Thanks so much for playing along and supporting me in my meatless quest!

Anonymous said...

You know I am all over those burritos!

One trick - when I make green peppers for like Italian beef sandwiches or pepper and egg sammies for Tony, I simmer the peppers in beef broth that has a tablespoon of Italian seasoning.

Once they are just starting to get tender I drain the broth and then Pam fry them for a crispy edge.


Jessie said...

This looks fantastic - nothing like eggs in a burrito! I know my husband would like this, and he's a carnivore! Great combination of flavors :)

Sook said...

Oh I love this type of burrito for breakfast! Looks delish!

Simply Life said...

Oh this looks great! And thanks for the idea of submitting my meal to meatless monday's!!!

sophia said...

Hee, next time, you can also cook the beans in your slow-cooker, ;-)
Though, you might have to serve that to a huge crowd, haha.