Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Firsts - Dried Beans

Friday Firsts

Happy Friday everybody! Since Johnny started his new job I'm really starting to love weekends. We see a lot less of each other during the week with him leaving for work earlier, getting home later, and needing to go to bed earlier for the dreaded alarm clock. I know it sounds weird because we live in the same house, but I miss him!

Enough with the sappy stuff, though. My first for this week was cooking dried Northern white beans in my slow cooker. I don't use dried beans very often, but I should because of how cheap they are. This was the first time I threw non-soaked beans in anything and I wasn't even sure they'd cook properly. But I took a leap of faith and it worked! Four hours on high and they were tender and velvety soft.

At the top of the blog you'll notice I've added another tab for the Pound for Pound challenge. Please let me know if you would like to pledge to lose some weight this year. For every pound you pledge, a pound of food will be donated to a food bank through Feeding America. Together we can feed the less fortunate and motivate each other in our journey towards getting fit and healthy!

To participate in Friday Firsts create a blog post featuring a "first" of yours. Next, link that blog post below and tell us about it! If you don't have a blog or a specific post to link to please tell us about your first in the comment section! Any and all participation is welcome!

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Laura said...

My first was a delish lentil cauliflower stew. I have made it before but this was the first of this particular combo-so so good!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

I love great northern beans... very versatile - I use them in a lot!! :)

Jason is out of town this week, and with his new promotion may have to travel more... so I know what you mean about weekends being valuable! I may start traveling with him, though!

Happy Weekend, Christina!!

April J Harris said...

I know exactly what you mean about weekends - my husband leaves on a business trip this Sunday and I feel like I've lost mine this week! But he is back next Saturday morning :)

Thank you so much for hosting. I've linked to my very first foodie blog hop which I am hosting with Alex of A Moderate Life. I'd love it if you would join in :) Everyone is welcome!

Have a lovely weekend!

Biz said...

Happy Friday Christina! Hope you have a great weekend!

Fight the Fat Foodie said...

I was afraid of making gnocchi until I actually did it! surprisingly easy.

Roz said...

Hi Christina, Hope you have a good weekend. My first involves my cat, which made me think - how is your brother's kitty? I assume "no news is good news" and he's getting better? Fingers crossed for that!!!!