Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I am/What's going on

I know my blog has been all over the place the past few weeks. I simultaneously apologize and thank you for hanging in there.

For those of you who have no clue what is going on/want more info. let me fill you in:

1) My dad came out to IL and worked on the house for several weeks to finish everything so we could put it on the market.

Photos of the progress are in the following posts (oldest to newest):
Pepperocini Beef Roast + House Progress!
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Wedding and House
Roast Beef Dinner & House Pics
Cream Cheese Cookies + Update Photos
Burgers, Beef, and Building

I have yet to put up the finished photos, I will get to that in the next post. I thought it would be easier to wait and do an organized before/after for easier comparison and instant gratification.

2) I moved to NC first, leaving J behind in IL to sell the house. This allowed me to haul a bunch of our junk out of the way, get the pets out of there, and start getting settled down here. This makes for easier house-hunting and saving money while I work to make the transition easier when J comes.

I'll post a few fun pics of the moving truck/storage unit/18 hour drive crammed in the moving truck with pets in a future post as well.

3) I have a job now. I'm working at my usual summer job at the ice cream shop. It was waiting for me when I got here, with open arms. It's great to just jump into a job you already know and not have to deal with the awkwardness of being trained/meeting new bosses and coworkers.

A future post with a "tour" of my work is upcoming! I thought you'd like to see everything, since it involves all types of food!

4) I am living in my parents' guest room. The apartment situation fell through. First the tenant was going to leave May, then mid-June, then the end of June. Now he isn't leaving. But he might in the future if he doesn't get a raise. (Yeah, I know. Too much to deal with.) So I finally unpacked. I have my computer, my stuff is put away, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I'm not thrilled to be 26 years old living in my parents' house, but thankfully they're gracious enough to let me.

I'll also post a "tour" of my current living situation soon.

So I hope that answers some of the questions I've been getting! Now that my computer is hooked up I will be back to regular posting and updates. Now that I'm working, I don't have as much time to comment on all of your blogs, but I do check them out when I have the time (usually on my phone before I fall asleep).


April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

It's lovely to hear from you Christina! Glad things are coming together, but I do hope you and J can get settled in your own place together soon...Your job sounds fun, and so nice to go back to somewhere you know, that is lovely. Take care!

Biz said...

Bummer about the apartment, but just think of the $$ you are saving by being with the rents! :D

Can't wait for the photo updates! Happy Friday Christina!

Betherann said...

Wow, BIG changes! :)

Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Been there, done this! We moved many times and even had to move back in with the in-laws once for 3 months until our rental was ready. I feel your pain! Can't wait to see the ice cream shop!

Swistle said...

"Too much to deal with," YES! I hate those situations where it's not even possible to lie awake fretting effectively, because everything goes in a perpetual If loop.