Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Sarah, over at NoWheyMama has started a Christmas inspired survey to help beat the "craptastic" blues that seem to be settling over our lives right now. Everybody is tagged and encouraged to post on their own blogs. She's also entertaining requests for additional questions.

Favorite Christmas Carol: Little Drummer Boy
Favorite Christmas Cookie: My maternal grandmother cooks a whole arsonal, it'd be impossible to pick! Although, these strawberry-shaped date cookies are at the top of the list, as well as these marshmallow "stained glass" cookies.
Favorite Christmas Movie: Holiday Inn
Favorite Christmas Tradition: Cooking and seeing the handful of overly lit up houses back home.
Christmas Dinner: Turkey and ham
Best Childhood Christmas Present: A big girl bike, My Pretty Ballerina and some dog that walked itself and barked when you pushed buttons on its "leash."
What do you do with Christmas Cards? Stick them on the tree, or in a pile on the coffee table. At home my mom strings them in the dining room, but Johnny would die if I put a hole in the wall to do that!
Sitting on Santa's lap: fun or scary? FUN!
EDITED: New questions from MzEll!
What is the best gift you've given? My mom loved the OLD version of the game of Life, the one endorsed by Art Linkletter. I tracked down a brand new box on eBay that somebody had found in their grandmother's attic. The little life chips and people weren't even punched out yet!
What is your favorite Christmas book? We had a whole basket of them my mom would take out each year when we were little. None stick out, right now though.
When did you find out the truth about Santa? I think I was maybe in 4th grade, so maybe 8 or 9? My mom made this HUGE 4' tall dollhouse (that I still have to this day) for my Barbie's. My cousin and I loved it, and played with it daily - but we noticed that the wallpaper, carpet, and linoleum decorating the house were the same samples of what were in our own houses, or other relatives houses and pieced it together. Turns out my mom had just gathered scraps from everybody's leftover decor and made the house using them!
EDITED: New question from Christina
Where is your favorite place to celebrate Christmas? I like spending Christmas with family, either in a colder, Christmassy atmosphere (read: NYC), or at home in NC. This year we're going to FL, and while I'm excited about a break of warm weather, it just doesn't feel like it'll be Christmas, and I'll also miss out visiting people in NC I only get to see once a year.

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Nowheymama said...

Great job! I did finally get your question up on my blog, too.

I love "Holiday Inn."