Monday, December 8, 2008

Open-Faced Meatball Sandwich

I had taken out a pound of hamburger meat for the Golabki, in addition to the pound of ground turkey. Then, I noticed that they had a lot of meat leftover, so one pound would probably be enough. That left me with a pound of hamburger that needed to be used.

The only thing I could think of, and kept going back to, was meatballs! But I also really wanted the creamed cabbage again, so I didn't want to turn it into a huge pasta dinner.

I whipped up a batch of meatballs, very similiar to the meatloaf recipe I posted. While they were baking, I made the creamed cabbage again. Gosh, this dish is sooo good! I'm totally in love. This time I didn't have white wine on hand, so I threw in a couple tablespoons of watered down lemon juice and you couldn't even taste the difference. I guess it just needs a little bit of some bright burst in the background.

When the meatballs came out of the oven, I threw a piece of bread in the toaster oven for a couple of minutes. Once it was toasted up a little bit, I cut up two meatballs in slices and layed them out on top of the toast. I then poured some Prego on top, and a small sprinkling of mozzerella. I put this on foil and threw it back into the toaster oven until the cheese became melted.

Tonight Johnny had a late dentist appointment, so it was nice to just cook up two completely separate dishes that I wanted and watch my guilty pleasure shows he hates. (Jon and Kate Plus 8 and The Hills) I curled up on the couch and watched while our little tree glistened across the room.

We got an artificial one last year, at Menards, for only $5. This is my first artificial tree, but they're just so expensive out here. Plus, we go to visit with my family Christmas Day through New Year's each year and come home to a dried out tree that hasn't been watered in a week. The leaves have fallen everywhere and it's already time to take it down, on top of unpacking. This way is just easier.

He's a cute little 3' guy that we string with simple, white lights, my favorite. Johnny's favorite color is blue, mine is green. So we have 24 ornaments, 12 of each color. The star is an LED light that changes every 2 or 3 seconds between blue and green.

Because it's so little, I flip a box upside down and put the tree on top of it. Then, we have a tree skirt that covers the artificial bottom of the tree and drapes over the box, hiding the sides and front! I love our little tree! :)

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Dad said...

My friend and I try each year to give presents with out specifically BUYING a gift. Last year she out did me by taking a box of large mailing envelopes out of the trash. Her boss had thrown them away in disgust because they were the wrong size. It was a perfect gift that I will continue to use for years!
I believe she has out done me again! She is making her daughters cook books with friends recipes. She asked me to give her my family recipe for baked ziti, meatballs and sauce. We made the meatballs together this evening. Imagine my delight in seeing my daughters blog that included meatballs!! A little sorry over the jarred sauce though:(
Good job Christina!
Love, Mommy