Friday, November 13, 2009

Mail Goodies

A few days ago I had a really good mail day.

First, I received $12.00 in coupons from Stella cheese. I buy their Parmesan wedge because it is whey free and grate it myself. I had a brick that developed mold, even though the package was still factory sealed and didn't expire until May 2010. I wrote them an email, informing them of this and the UPC codes, in case they needed them. I've never had any other problems with their cheese and had already bought my next wedge. I love when companies listen to their customers and go above and beyond to keep you happy! This is enough to buy at least three more wedges, which is really generous on their part. I always try to write a company if I have a really positive or negative experience with their product, how about you?

I also received some free samples from companies that I sign up for. I love testing products before I buy them, and most times they include a coupon off your next purchase. Some places to scout for free samples are Walmart, Start Sampling, and Slick Deals.

And, I also got a belated birthday gift from my friend Brittany. She recently moved back to the Netherlands to marry her fiance Mark, whom she met there last year while she was au pairing! I unwrapped a beautiful green scarf (my favorite color, in case you hadn't noticed) and these awesome Krudnoten cookies! They are spiced cookies, also called ginger nuts. They're traditionally eaten during Sinterklaas, a feast celebrating Saint Nicholas in early December! I love unique and foreign goodies with traditions! You can read more about them here and here. They taste like tiny little ginger snaps! So crisp, crunchy, and yummy -- they catapulted me immediately into the Christmas spirit with the first bite!

Have any of you, or are any of you going to order the Schwan's Top Chef meals to try out? I like that they always try to make some dishes accessible to viewers, but unfortunately I never made it to Red Lobster last year, and this year they contain whey! Which is a darn shame because they're really affordable. Let me know what you think if you try them! My old work used to order from the Schwan's man a lot, and a co-worker got a few items from them for parties at her house. They're actually really tasty!


Nowheymama said...

I ALWAYS write to companies. Usually emails. :)

Have you been to That's another good one.

Sophia said...

I definitely write to companies. Once WF gave me really crappy, stale almonds. I complained. They replied about 5 days after, but I couldn't exchange the almonds because I don't have a car to go there again. They didn't offer something else, though.

CHEESE!!!! Lucky girl!!!

Christina said...

No, I hadn't heard of them, Sarah! Thanks! :)

Poor Sophia! That stinks! I wrote Stella the email and had a personal reply (not the generic ones) the next morning and 2 days later the coupons in the mail!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I LOVE coupons!! I especially love when the cashier is confused as to how you scored such amazing coupons!! My daddy-o and I bond over clipping coupons. Ohhhh boy, we're cool like that :)

Sweetie Pie said...

I'm so jealous of your little cookies!!!

I love getting free things (or coupons for free things) in the mail. Such fun!! I'm glad you had an awesome mail day! :-)