Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cans for Comments Results

Thank you to everybody that participated in Cans for Comments here and the post I did on Mara's blog.

Last year's total was 41 cans.

This year's total??
57 cans!

Incidentally, I bought 114 items before doing the final tally, inadvertently doubling it! Pretty cool coincidence, if you ask me!

Oats, dried pinto and white beans, baked beans, two kinds of stuffing mix, canned tuna in water, and chicken noodle soup. (Please excuse the piles of sand in the back of my Jeep from this summer spent in N.C.)

Laura's total was 52 cans for Alaska's food bank!

And, I just learned that Roz also participated, collecting 24 cans for the Vancouver food bank!

Thanks again ladies and commenters! It's so exciting to see how a small act can turn into a big help, spanning different time zones and countries - donating hundreds of items of food to those in need!


Beth Morey said...

Woohoo awesome!!

Kim said...

Congrats my dear! I am so, so, so proud of you and all those who participated. Absolutely wonderful!

Next year, count me in for the Cans for Comments post.

Biz said...

Great job Christina!!

It's so foggy out this afternoon, I hope I can see the roads driving home tonight!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

you are wonderful <3

Dawn said...

Awesome!!! Great job! :O)

Roz said...

Congrats Christina, my "cans for comments" inspiration!!!! Thank you for planting the idea in our heads, you have made MANY people's holidays better!!!

Laura said...

WAHOO! you beat me! just you wait! :D

Christina said...

You beat me last year, so it's even!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job!

My jeep looks the same :)