Monday, January 31, 2011

PFP Week 3 Update

Hello everybody!

My progress for the week:
I avoid mentioning it on the blog beforehand, but I actually was out of town from Wednesday through today. For the roadtrip I packed healthy snacks like crackers with peanut butter, apples, Kashi bars, popchips, and a reusable water bottle I refilled many times. I could have made better fast food choices, but it's hard to eat a salad or chili while driving. My mom and I walked miles and miles around wedding venue options, so that counts as my exercise this week! Seeing myself in wedding dresses made me realize I need to add arm exercises to the regimen, too.

Debbie's progress:
Same weight but feel this is an accomplishment after all the incredible food on our NY trip!
Walked today even though it was my bday and I had just gotten home!
I promise tomorrow begins sit ups!

Menu plan for the week:
Just got back in town, need to regroup, then I'll edit this

Tip of the week:
One of my problems, which I know some of you have as well, is late night snacking. I will do great during the day and then add a lot of excess calories with snacking before bed. Something I've found that helps is brushing my teeth a little while after dinner. This leaves a minty, clean feeling in my mouth which deters me from wanting to eat. Also, I'm lazy and I know I won't want to make the effort to have to re-brush my teeth if I eat. Try it and see if it works for you too!


Biz said...

I am so behind with updates to you!

I lost 1 pound last week, but 6 pounds for the month - not bad!

Janelle said...

Sounds like a great idea! I normally drink tea and it takes the craving away but I'm gonna try your idea!

Roz said... venues?? Did you find one??? Yay you for taking those healthy snacks on the road! Have a great week.