Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Talk

Yes, I was one of those who stayed up all night to watch the Royal Wedding and I had a fantastic time!

I set up a little makeshift viewing area in the spare room/my office so I wouldn't disturb J. I used my monitor to stream it live on Hulu, lounging on the bed/couch while munching banana bread and tweeting.

(Ignore all the messy boxes and clutter, remember I'm in the middle of packing!)


-Seeing everybody's excitement on Twitter and around the world. It was such an "It's a Small World" moment to know billions were watching the same as me.

-Kate's dress was absolutely stunning. I loved the classic direction she went in with the lace, the neckline, her veil, and that tiara.

-The princes actually looking like I imagine princes SHOULD look. Sashes, medals, gloves, and all.

-Prince Harry sneaking a peek at Kate for William. Easily my favorite moment of the whole affair.

-The little flower girl covering her ears from the roar as William and Kate kissed on the balcony. I imagine my little face would look much the same at that moment, too.


-Barbara Walters yapping constantly about inappropriate stuff: Diana's death NON-STOP, funerals, suicide, Harry being better looking than William, William's baldness INCESSANTLY, etc. I found it very disrespectful and tacky, personally. Most of it was gossipy and petty, rather than informative and interesting. She's a news anchor, not a high school cheerleader. Dial it back, Babs.

-Why can't William turn around SOONER to see his bride? He didn't get to see her until she was beside him? I feel like he should have gotten to see a full walking-down-the-aisle-towards-him moment for at least a few feet at the end.

Did you watch? What were your highlights/criticisms?


Kristina @ spabettie said...

YES I watched and loved it! I stayed off twitter, etc for the same reason as your Barbara Walters comment - I didn't want to hear all the BLARG. ;)

I LOVED Harry turning around to peek, and Will saying "you look beautiful" or whatever he said when he looked at Kate. I also loved all the hats and fashion, seeing the tradition and knowing I was watching history...

sophia said...

Yeah I knew you would be watching! Tee hee!

I think you would hit me if we watched it together, because 1) I would fall asleep or worse, 2) I would mock everything.

Because I'm kind of a wedding hater. Don't do frillies and princess and romance. Except yours, of course. I would happily, joyfully partake in yours, because you are special like that.

Errign said...

I am for definite on Team Harry & I thought him turning & smiling was the cutest thing everrrr.

Babawa Wawa is annoying, always.

Biz said...

Nope, didn't watch a single minute of it, but love how you set up your viewing area! :D

Happy Saturday - finally some nice weather!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Hi Christina, LOVE the viewing area. And I loved the wedding too. I was completely caught up in it all. Hope you have a great weekend.

Julie said...

LOL about Barbara! Guess she's been hanging around with those View people too long. I didn't get to watch much, I had to work. Her dress was pretty but I was hoping for something a little more fairy princess. Guess that wouldn't be very dignified though :)

Auntie Del's Garden said...

I, too, stayed up all night to watch the Royal Wedding along with my mom, sister, niece, and two friends. We made a party of it & wouldn't have missed it for the world. We watched it on BBC America with NO commercials and no petty comments either. So glad you enjoyed it.

April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

I really enjoyed 'tweeting' with you from England during the wedding, Christina - it made it even more fun to watch. I felt so sad for William not being able to turn round - it's a weird British tradition - my husband wasn't supposed to turn round to see me coming up the aisle at our wedding either. I did love it when Harry looked and I'd love to know exactly what he said, although it was clearly complimentary! I loved Catherine's dress. It really was such a wonderful day - I was particularly excited as our florist was involved in doing the flowers at Westminster Abbey & Buckingham Palace - we live very near where Catherine's family do, and she is their florist too! Catherine asked her personally to assist the London florist - so exciting!

Christina said...

@Kristina I also loved Will telling her she looked beautiful when she first got up there. His face was just glowing, they both looked so happy at that moment!

@Sophia I took a nap between them leaving the church and their balcony appearance. hehe And you would have LOVED being snarky and munching snacks w/ me!

@Julie - I was also surprised at how understated her dress was. But I actually liked it, it made it timeless.

@April Aww I loved tweeting with you too! So fun! I didn't know it was a British tradition, that makes more sense now. Sooo exciting about the florist!! Eeee!