Monday, February 7, 2011

PFP Week 4 Update

Hi guys! Hard to believe another week has flown by. We're a MONTH into the challenge!

My progress for the week:
I got out of the habit of weighing myself everyday when I went to NY. I need to restart that. I had been down about a pound (hard to tell when you weigh everyday), but seem to have gained that back. I have been making an effort to be less stagnant during the day and also have reset my sleep schedule, which I know makes me more active during the day. We'll see if this initiates any weight loss by next week's check in. I still need to make a real, conscious effort to exercise in some form (ie: DVDs, walks, etc.)!!!

Laura's update:
lost .2 and joined a gym

I am working out at least 3 days a week
full weight lifting circuit +bike before that and elliptical afterward
the gym is 24 hours a day so I can zip down anytime and burn off steam
I'm trying to do things that don't involve ankle stress
pain makes me eat, which makes me fat which makes more pain
what a vicious cycle!
So low impact cardio and strength training plus a good and healthy diet should really ramp up my weight loss

Debbie's progress:
She has been taking a 6 mile walk twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. She's been charting her walks on Dailymile to track them.

Beth aka Biz checked in on the Facebook page:
She did a 5k on the treadmill in 41:12 (on a day she didn't even want to work out!) and was down another .6 this week for her WW weigh in. She's down a total of 5.6 pounds in six weeks!

Beth also checked in on Facebook:
- after being sick, I restarted exercising, and began using my new Turbo Jams DVDs (which I looove). I've exercised for 3 days straight now. Yay!
- I'm tracking food intake and trying to snack appropriately between meals, and have been staying within a nutritious calorie range
- I'm down 2 lbs. since I last weighed 4 days ago -- wow!
- I'm feeling good in body, mind, and spirit ♥

Menu Plan for the week:
Baked eggplant parm
1 crust chicken pot pie
Penne with cauliflower sauce
Marx burgers (company for dinner that night)

Tip of the week:

Freecycle is a community of people in a neighborhood by you, with one goal: avoid putting unwanted items in landfills.

It's really simple to use - you visit and join based on your location. Then you can post to request items or to get rid of items. Everything is 100% free, they just ask that you balance your wants to your offers to remain fair.

I'm telling you about Freecycle because I find it's a great place for exercise equipment. Many, many people have treadmills, bikes, DVDs, weights, etc. that they no longer want. I was able to get a dumbell set with a stand completely free from a woman a few miles from my home that I use with my workout DVDs.

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Laura said...

"we" are AWESOME. 6 miles twice a day is amazing!