Sunday, February 27, 2011

PFP Week 7 Update

My progress for the week:
Somehow I'm down 1 pound. Not sure how or why. I ate CRAP - fast food, a frappachino, pizza twice. But I did use my under the desk pedal bike pretty much every day! This week I really need to get my food choices back on track.

Beth checked in on Facebook:
She had a cold/flu this past week that made her eating go out the window, too. She's frustrated with her poor choices and possibly erasing past progress.

Beth (aka Biz) let us know:
Her husband is finally home from the hospital! She did not go to her WW weigh in, but this week she plans on working out 4 days, staying within her points, and sticking to her meal plan.

Janelle has good news:
She's down another pound!

Mel updates us:
She is maintaining her current overall loss of -1.4 pounds. Her goals this week are no soda, cardio workouts during her lunch break, and menu planning!

Good job everybody! It seems some of us have hit a speed bump, or have had a lot going on with sickness (in our family or us). I'm really proud that we're still reporting to each other and making attempts to get back on track. Even if we stumble, it is such a good thing to acknowledge that and to make the effort to chug forward with new goals to achieve.

Menu plan for the week:
baked eggplant parmesan (already have the ingredients)
Stuffed Green Peppers (filming for a video post)
Vegetable and Rice quiche

Tip of the week:

My mom has these old VHS exercise tapes. Two of them are awesome - 8 minute arms and 8 minute legs. I loved them so much I bought my own copy from Amazon and had Johnny upload them onto his computer then burn them in DVD format.

I get really discouraged/ADD when working out. These are really short and to the point. Each repitition is only 30 seconds, so just when I'm starting to get bored it switches. It even has a countdown and visual progress so I can SEE how close I am to being done!

The host's name is Jaime Brenkus (what a hottie! wink wink) and he also has 8 minute buns and 8 minute abs, although I haven't done either of those. Check for them on Amazon, and also maybe on Netflix or YouTube!

Short term goal:
How about we commit to a short term goal and report back in one month (week 11 update) to see if we succeeded? This was Mel's idea, and I think it's great to be able to meet small goals on our way to our overall goal. I propose that we don't drink any soda until the week 11 update! If you're in just let me know in the comments or on the Facebook wall!


Joy said...

Those videos were the first ones I used when I started losing weight and I weighed 2xx I told myself I could do 8 minutes of anything! I still have them (though I am On many copies later) but they are on YouTube and they are great!

Roz said...

Hi Christina. I'm looking forward to your healthy eggplant parm recipe! (I just bought an eggplant on the weekend...and need some inspiration) Have a great week.

biz319 said...

Okay, I just finished my one weekely diet dr. pepper so I am on board with no more pop! :D

Errign said...

The 8 minute abs thing makes me think of There's Something About Mary, when the killer dude is talking about 7 minute abs or whatever.